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      For customers who value the role dairy plays in their overall success, Wholesome Farms provides nourishing and consistent dairy ingredients.

      Honestly Dairy

      Wholesome Farms offers products that are honestly dairy—milk, cream, or egg is always the first ingredient.

      Dairy Done Right.

      As fresh dappled sunlight dawns over a country horizon, the milkman sets the day’s order on the porch of another customer, with a smile and a tip of his cap. Is there any image more iconic to the delivery of wholesome, farm-fresh simplicity, honesty, and purity to the kitchens of America?

      At Wholesome Farms, this image is more than nostalgia. It’s inspiration. For the values we deliver to our customers every day. Without complication or pretense. Full of flavor, nutrition, and peerless quality. Because these are the values our customers deliver to their tables—from their kitchens—every day. 

      In delivering the highest quality dairy staples—from milk and cream to eggs—the memory of a simpler time also inspires us to stand side-by-side with our customers and take a vested interest in the quality and flavor they in turn produce for their guests. That’s why we deploy the latest expertise in product safety, freshness, and customer service. The modern era does have its advantages. 

      Our products come from trusted farms, run by people who share our values. They are not only the foundation of the agricultural community; they are the backbone of our economy. This resilient supply chain of dairies helps us support the success of our customers’ businesses, anywhere in the country, with a dependable supply of fresh, in-stock dairy products.

      Let's Talk

      Wholesome Farms is just one of the great brands we offer. Connect with a Sales Consultant in your community who is ready to assist you with your honest dairy needs or other fresh food & ideas.

      New Customers

      Meals That Inspire

      At Wholesome Farms, we provide more than just milk. Whether you are baking, mixing a specialty coffee, or serving frozen yogurt, we provide high quality offerings for all your dairy needs. Get inspired by our menu ideas for milk, yogurt, ice creams, and beyond.

      Get Inspired

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