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      Block & Barrel offers a delicious array of deli-style selections for both the front and back of house, catering to each customer's individual tastes—from the simplest of sandwiches to complex signature creations.

      Artisan Creations

      Block & Barrel offers deli-style selections that are fully cooked, prepared, ready-to-eat or heat-and-serve.

      Your Sandwich Solution

      All the world loves a sandwich. The happy child enjoying a perfect grilled cheese. The student stopping by the local deli for a late-night sub. The foodie seeking out the latest artisan creation. There is a sandwich to satisfy everyone’s desire. Not all deli creations, however, are created equal. In fact, only the most flavorful and delicious deli style selections are worthy of carrying the Block & Barrel name.

      Operators deserve access to deli ingredients and prepared foods at a great value and in ways that make their lives easier. That’s why Block and Barrel offers both bulk and pre-sliced options in meats and cheeses, complemented by a full assortment of branded sides, salads, and snacks needed to round out a true deli-inspired selection.

      We believe everyone should enjoy high quality, flavorful deli selections whether they’re shopping at a corner deli, their favorite sandwich shop, or the local grocery store. And that experience should extend to their entire meal, from meats and cheeses to pickles and culinary spreads.

      Let's Talk

      Block & Barrel is just one of the great brands we offer. Connect with a Sales Consultant in your community who is ready to assist you with your quality deli-style selection needs or other fresh food & ideas.

      New Customers

      Meals That Inspire

      When it comes to a great sandwich, the ingredients between the bread can make all the difference. Artisan cheese, succulent deli meat, or the perfect crunchy pickle can turn a sandwich from an afterthought into a memory. Get inspired by our menu ideas for sandwiches, wraps, and beyond.

      Get Inspired

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